Revolution Internship

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What Is Revolution?

Revolution is a full-time intensive discipleship program that exists to train generations of young leaders who will be successful in life and ministry. Our aim is to provide a venue for young leaders to encounter the Lord and be radically transformed by His word and presence, so that they are ready to transform the world around them. 

What Sets Revolution Apart?

Revolution is one of many strong discipleship and training programs around the world. Each program is somewhat different, reflecting the passion of its leaders and the ministry focus of its host church or organization. One thing that sets Revolution apart, is its focus on the local church. We have been called to develop young people who will be prepared to serve the Lord faithfully in whatever capacity they are in around the country and around the world. Some of our students will go on to a university or Bible college; others may go directly into various ministry positions; still others may enter the business world or start a family. No matter where our graduates go, our desire is to prepare them to be effective, life-long ministers wherever God calls them. 

Each Revolution Student Will:

  • Develop a solid devotional life
  • Deepen his or her understanding of the Word of God
  • Memorize key passages of Scripture related to the life of a growing believer
  • Address personal life-issues that could inhibit his or her life and ministry
  • Develop disciplines in both personal and public arenas of life
  • Develop a passion for excellence & diligence in all areas of life and ministry
  • Participate in hands-on ministry in the community
  • Demonstrate a growing ability to discern the leading of the Holy Spirit
  • Gain confidence in God's unique call on his or her life
  • Learn how to guard their mouth and heart
  • Develop Basic administrative skills
  • Learn how to walk in submission, honor and humility
  • Develop time management & task management skills
  • Learn how to live a life of integrity
  • Learn how to empower others and effectively delegate
  • Identify and strengthen their weaknesses